Instagram and Marketing

As I mentioned in the introduction post, one of the main areas that has been influenced by social media is the world of Marketing. In this post I will discuss how social media, and Instagram in particular, affected marketing for large and small companies and how users have opportunities to set up their businesses and advertise their own products of become promoter for products of larger companies.

In the recent years all the large and small companies must have an active Instagram page with daily posts to encourage users visit their page and respond to their advertisements. Traditionally all the companies would pay large amount of money for advertisements through traditional media, which social media changed that drastically. Social media sites and platforms like Instagram with over 500 million daily users became an important hub for businesses to advertise because of their large audience with majority of them being under 35 years old. That gives those companies a great opportunity for advertisement on such platform that users spend at least 30 minutes of their times daily, rather than traditional media.  

Nowadays everyone, including small businesses can create their own videos, pages, and advertisement free of charge. That obviously depends on the number of viewers they have, which is why a lot of users, who aim for small businesses focus on attracting large number of followers. This is a very important stage, just like the brand awareness stage for a firm. The owners of these pages should pay attention to users/viewers’ interests and come up with creative approaches to produce their content. What I observed is that once these users attract a certain number of followers, they shift their content and posts toward the business they intend to pursue.

This makes Instagram an attractive platform for marketing of small, medium, and large sized companies. Companies and individuals can cross post their content. This works especially for small businesses and pages which can support each other and promote their work through related pages. The other approach for small companies is to pay Instagram celebrities to promote their page or product much cheaper than any other media, which is a win-win business for those businesses, Instagram, and the newly introduced celebrities.

One of the many videos on YouTube about how to use Instagram for Marketing

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